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 One of the highlights of CPiS2023, "Shangxin Packaging Hall", will continue to explore new consumer groups(children、Z era、urban beauty、elite Men、happy single、punk wellness crowd、pet lovers、fitness people、town youth、urban elderly etc)、summarize new consumption scenarios(gift scene、tea time scene、camping scene、cooking scene、disaster response scene、home scene)、analyze new channels of consumption(warehouse membership store、convenience stores、Live streaming e-commerce etc).

 Through new subdivision themes, new display forms, and more new product interactions, the audience will bring 1000+ FMCG new product interpretation packaging innovation trends.Meanwhile, each new product on display has an ID card + landing guide, so as to realize the new product - find the landing one-stop.This year, a new FMCG experience booth has been set up for everyone to see, take and taste.



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