Packpower Forum-Redefine Packaging supply chain

 Packpowe Forum-Redefining the packaging supply chain


 Ultimately, the competition between FMCG brands is a supply chain battle,Because the supply chain is the core point for a brand to achieve further growth.The packaging supply chain, for example,great changes are taking place now and then:In the past, most of them were only orders placed by brands, and packaging companies provided products or services,Very simple production uses supply and demand chains.And now the supply chain is reversed,from the consumer side to guide the needs of brand development,Everything is responsible for the consumer.Recalibrating the packaging supply chain around the consumer experience will be the winning weapon for FMCG brands to stand out in the changing industry.

 In addition to this, the packaging supply chain faces various demand challenges,Whether it is from the demand side or the supply side to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the resilience ability to respond to emergencies,or the flexible demand for digital intelligence, and the creation of a low-carbon green supply chain,all this has led to the FMCG industry's urgent determination to redefine the packaging supply chain.
 CPiS2023 Packaging Power Forum will advocate to the whole industry, and the consumer, brand, processing, equipment and even recycling end will work together to subvert the tradition and redefine it. And through the multi-dimensional implementation of innovation, environmental protection, integration and customization, how to create a more adapted to consumer needs, and help brands reduce costs, increase efficiency, flexible and sustainable packaging supply chain.
Packaging Power Forum Agenda

Packaging innovation

The packaging supply chain should pay attention to the improvement and practice of packaging design, material selection, manufacturing and marketing, improve product quality and brand value, meet the needs of consumers, and increase the market share and competitiveness of brand enterprises. 

The packaging supply chain helps enterprises improve the attractiveness and differentiation of products from the perspective of consumers from the perspective of consumers, and promote the upgrading and development of brands.It should also help brands provide more comprehensive market and competitive intelligence from a digital dimension to better develop marketing and brand strategies.The Packaging Power Forum invited the following guests to bring innovative changes to the prepared dishes and snack food track.


Environmental protection of packaging

At present, the innovation of FMCG packaging materials is mainly focused on environmental protection and sustainability.In particular, recyclable materials and lightweight materials are preferred to reduce the negative impact on the environment.In addition, the emergence of new technologies and materials makes packaging materials more environmentally friendly, intelligent and personalized.For example, zero-carbon materials and edible packaging materials are becoming the new direction of development, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable while providing a better consumer experience.

The following guests of the Packaging Power Forum are invited to analyze and interpret the winning works of this year's M Lion Cup Packaging Innovation and Sustainability Award: Innovation and sustainable development direction of packaging materials and technologies that affect the future development of China's packaging industry.


Packaging customization force

Consumer demand for personalized and customized products is increasing, and FMCG packaging supply chains need more flexible production and supply chain systems to meet consumer needs, so as to provide more diverse and personalized product choices.

As a special existence in the packaging supply chain, OEM realizes the optimization and upgrading of product packaging through packaging customization services, improves the added value of products and brand reputation, and thus obtains more market share and profits.

The Packaging Power Forum invited the following guests to bring about OEM continuous optimization and innovation of the packaging supply chain to empower brands.


There are more Packaging Power Forum attendees to confirm ing, so stay tuned!




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